Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm really bored right now and I'm looking through quotes I love :P (yes i'm a dork). So have any of you heard of the show One Tree Hill? Well if you haven't there is obviously something wrong with you :P just kidding, kind of :P. Well it's the most amazing show ever and it has the most AMAZING quotes in it, so I thought I would share some of them with you :P they will brighten your day :D so enjoy them and please watch the show (if you haven't seen it start at season 5, its a goodddd season)

"All girls really want is for someone to want them back."

Peyton: "You're always saving me." Lucas: "Somebody's got to."

"Suddenly it was if the roar of the crowd, the echo of the final buzzer, or the cheers of my teamates were sounding from a thousand miles away. and what remained in that bizarre, muffled silence was only peyton. the girl whose art, passion, and beauty had changed my life. in that moment, my triumph was not a state championship, but simple clarity. the realization that we had always been meant for each other, and every instinct to the contrary had simply been a denial of the following truth. i was now and would always be in love with Peyton Sawyer."

"The boy saw a comet and his life had meaning. It was more than just a comet, because of what it brought to his life. Direction. Beauty. Meaning. There were many who didn't understand, and sometimes he walked among them, but even in his darkest hours he knew in his heart that someday it would return to him. And his world would be whole again. His belief in God, and love, and art, would be reawakened in his heart."

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